Monday, March 21, 2011

The Secret Life of Siam Staff: Chef Chaleaw


Thailand’s delicious mango season is now here! The mango, known as “mamuang” in Thai, is one of the nation’s premier tropical fruits. When the country’s tropical heat reaches its peak in April and May the mangoes ripen and become abundant from coast-to-coast. If visiting the Land of Smiles at this time you shouldn't hesitate to enjoy this magnificent fruit because the season only last two months and then it’s another ten months of waiting...

The Siam Bayview Hotel’s pastry chef, Khun Chaleaw Mungkaew, has a knack for combining traditional Thai cuisines with his own “western” culinary creations, like fusing his signature strawberry frosted, chocolate-vanilla layer cake with a hint of “khao niaw mamuang” (mango and sticky rice). 

This delicious traditional Thai desert consists of sliced juicy mango, glutinous sticky rice, lots of coconut cream and a little sugar, salt and alum. The whole thing is topped with banana and chocolate frosting. 

Chef Chaleaw has an impressive resume, with over 15 years of culinary experience; six of them spent at the Siam Bayview Hotel. He previously worked for 13 different hotels in cities like Chiang Rai and Rayong, but now happily calls Pattaya home. The Chef secretly confides that tempering chocolate is his most favourite cooking pastime.

Photo (from left): Khun Jason Villarino, Siam Bayview Hotel’s Executive Assistant Manager, and Mr Chaleaw Mungkaew, Executive Pastry Chef.

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