Thursday, November 11, 2010


Some advice on how to keep your bags out of harm’s way:
·         As a general rule, if you can’t lift your bag, it’s likely that airline staff won’t be able to either. (And it’s probably overweight.)
·         Pack your bag evenly. Dense, heavy objects can cause your bag to shift and create delays at security checks.
·         Always use something to identify your bag, like a colourful strap, thought bear in mind that cloths tied to the handle may obscure the baggage label.
·         Store any detachable carrying straps in the bag itself before checking in.
·         Place a luggage label on once handle of your bag and another inside your bag.
·         If your luggage has wheels, be sure to lock them so they don’t move after check-in.
·         Check that your travel insurance covers the cost of replacing your bag and its contents in the event that anything happens to it.
·         Make a list of your bag’s contents in case you need to place an insurance claim.

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