Thursday, November 11, 2010


It happens to the best of us: you arrive in Bangkok, but your bags in Bali. Here, our tips on how to prepare for the eventuality – and avoid losing your luggage in the first place.
Before You Leave
·         Book a direct or nonstop flight, which will minimise the change of losing a bag.
·         Choose an airline that has a good baggage record. Compare online at
·         Pack your carry-on wisely so that you can live out of it for a few days – toiletries, medications, change of clothes – in the event that you have to.
·         Remove old luggage tags to avoid confusion.
At The Airport
·         Don’t check in late, or your bags might not make it onto the plane in time for takeoff
·         Make sure the desk agent places a destination tag on your suitcase.
·         Hold on to your luggage-claim ticket. It’s often attached to your boarding pass and easy to forget on the plane.
After Landing
·         Be at the carousel when bags are off-loaded.
·         If your bag is lost or delayed, file a report immediately at the airport and get a copy.
·         Ask at the lost-luggage counter for the airline’s contract of carriage, which spells out your rights.
·         Consider following up with a certified letter to the airline’s customer service department restating the details of the incident.

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