Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tiffany’s Show

OK, so I gotta be honest, this post is a little late in coming to you as I went to Pattaya several months back, but hey, better late than never, right?! So, what in God’s name is this Tiffany’s Show... let me tell you. *Note: apologises for the photos, but you cannot take any during the show. Thus, I have shots from before (old costumes from international competitions) and after (meet-n-greet in front of theatre).
In truth the show (and its rival Alcazar) is a local – and some might say international – institution, and a definite “must” when visiting Thailand’s Sin City, aka Pattaya. Actually, think I’ll let Tiffany’s do the explaining by way of their website: “Tiffany’s Show is the first ever truly transvestite cabaret show in South East Asia. With over 28 years of stage experiences, the fame of Tiffany’s Show is undeniable and become a recommended tourist destination of the successful growth of Thailand's most popular resort city, Pattaya City. Nowadays, Tiffany’s Show is a palace of decadence, spectacular elegance, and enjoyment not to be missed if you come to Pattaya City.”
So, what exactly is all this “decadence, elegance and enjoyment” in real terms. I would say a whole lot of damn fun. The show is 75 minutes of non-stop action; from the opening number the girls don’t miss a beat. From elaborate sequence dresses, to over-the-top head dresses, elaborate sets, pumping music, lively dance numbers and infectious energy they’ve got it all. The lip-syncing repertoire of songs includes English, Thai, Bollywood, Russian, Korean and then some; every nationality is well represented with even tranny perennials Marilyn Monroe and Tina Turner making an appearance. The sets and costumes are equally diverse, from Venice Italy to futuristic, Saigon, Louis XVI, Japanese geisha, and, of course, Las Vegas.
The highlight for me personally was actually seeing the girls up-close and personal after the show (after the show they all immediately march off stage and head out front to stand on a podium, from where punters can gawk and take photos). They are truly gargantuan women, towering over 5 foot nothing mortals like me with stylish aplomb. They are all very tall (at least six foot, plus killer heels), slim, poised and radiant. While it cannot be said they are all “stunning” (there is ‘very’ liberal use of makeup all round), I would go as far to say that 80% are very good looking and a few simply stunning. In truth, many women might find the experience slight disconcerting; for these toned, perky, svelte figures are quit a site to be held and more than one man appeared like a dear in headlights when in their presence. However, be warned, beneath the beautiful exterior lies a heart of steel, and if you choose to take a photo with one make sure you give them the required “tip” or they will surely use their long manicured nails to good effect!
Getting there: From anywhere in Pattaya the show is really easy to get too. Just jump on a moto or songthaew heading up 2nd Beach Road and get off just after the Big C Super Center opposite the theatre. Tickets range from Bht 500 to 800 (VIP). For more info, go to

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